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Alice Bartels

Founder & President

Founder & CEO Alice Bartels founded Stridin’ & Survivin’ after Alice’s own battle with bilateral breast cancer in 2005. While she was fortunate that her cancer was detected early and that surgery and follow up hormone treatment was successful, she knew there was more work to be done.

In 2005, Bartels was introduced to a St. Louis-based organization called Circle of Hope Bracelets, a group founded by a St. Louis jeweler who was also fighting cancer. While this brave woman lost her fight with cancer, her bracelets raised over 3.4 million dollars that was donated to over 100 cancer charities. This inspired Alice to not only volunteer and get involved with sales, but also join their Board of Directors. During her stint, Bartels organized bracelet sales for the Anheuser-Busch Komen team for several years. When this ended, Alice became the team captain for Vi-Jon’s Komen team. Alice continued to work with Circle of Hope until the non-profit closed in 2020 due to the pandemic.

In 2008, Alice, joined by her daughter, sister-in-law and niece participated in her first 60-mile walk for breast cancer. Each walker needed to raise $2,200. With help from family and friends, they put together a chicken and beer dance and achieved their fundraising goal. The experience of being part of a group of individuals that raised millions of dollars for cancer research was so impactful. that Alice created Stridin’ & Survivin’. The cancer organization has held an annual fundraising event every year except during COVID in 2020. “I always knew I wanted to help make advancements in cancer research, so that her children and grandchildren would not have to hear the words “you have cancer”. Stridin’ & Survivin’ allows me to do that. It has also introduced me to a lot of people that have the same passion. Together we can make a difference.”

Alice and her husband, Steve, were married in 1979 and reside in Hamel, Illinois. They have two married children and six grandchildren. In 2020, Alice retired from an approximately 42-year career in Accounting and IT and finds herself happiest when she is spending time with her children and grandchildren. She loves traveling, photography and crafts and has a passion to make a difference in the fight against all cancers.

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Angel Coyle

Vice President

Angel’s story begins with her father’s cancer experience. Cancer research and experimental Cobalt Radiation Therapy for an inoperable pituitary tumor in the mid- to late-60s allowed her father to live an additional twenty years before he passed from an unrelated illness. Coyle has since had an unwavering passion to raise funds for research and patient services. After attending several of Stridin’ and Survivin’s events, Angel was asked to volunteer with the non-profit and readily agreed without hesitation. Her goal and hope is to give other children additional time with their parents as well. Coyle and her husband, Mike reside in Troy, Illinois with Roxie, their Havanese, after a 31-year stint in Glen Carbon, IL where they raised their children, Ashley and Mike, Jr.

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Debbie Duvall


Deb Duvall resides in Worden, IL with her husband, John. They have two married sons and four grandchildren. Debbie’s story is unique as she met and became close friends with Stridin’ & Survivin’s founder, Alice Bartels, when their oldest sons were in pre-school. “When Alice was diagnosed and had her mastectomy, I saw first-hand what cancer does,” mentions Debbie, “and when Alice asked if I would join her board, I just couldn’t say no!”. “While life has changed with me and my position on the board has changed, one thing in fifteen years of service hasn’t, and that’s Alice’s mission to whole-heartedly find a cure for cancer!” says Debbie. “It’s rewarding to be a part of her mission and to be a member of this dedicated group who work many hours to help find a cure.”

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Sue Papajcik


Sue and her husband Jeff live in Edwardsville, IL and have 4 children, Jon, Leigh Ann, Stephen and Nick. Sue has several family members currently in cancer treatment, so she knows first-hand how important cancer research is. With a daughter-in-law who is an oncologist, Sue has learned not only about the great strides being made in cancer research, but also how much funding is truly necessary to make those strides happen to help cancer patients live longer and be cured. Papajcik is well-versed with raising funds for several non-profits, so joining the board of Stridin’ & Survivin’ was a natural fit. She knew she could share her knowledge and positively contribute to a fun group of women with a common passion and vision of not only participating in fundraising but also making fundraising events a success.

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Debbie Wiemers

Events Coordinator

Debbie and her husband Mike were married in 1977 and live in Hamel, IL. They have two married children and one grandson. In 2015, she retired from a telecommunications company. Cancer research and patient support became a focus for Debbie after she lost her sister-in-law, Linda, in 1995, to breast cancer. Wiemers originally became involved with Stridin’ & Survivin’ to help raise money for the 3-Day cancer walks and to support other cancer organizations such as the American Cancer Society and St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. In 2012, Wiemers participated in her first 3-Day Walk for Breast Cancer in Chicago and was hooked. Walking 60 miles to raise money for cancer research not only helps her make a difference in the fight against cancer, but is also an interesting adventure with everything you see and experience along the walk. When COVID 19 hit, raising funds for the walk was difficult. Debbie enjoyed sewing and decided to make and sell face masks. The hope was to raise $250 to donate to the St. Clare Share Gas Card program. Face mask sales exceeded Debbie’s expectations as not only was Stridin’ and Survivin’ able to donate to the St. Clare Share Gas Card program; they were also able to establish “Fuel The Cure” which still runs today. Currently, this program provides gas cards to patients in the Madison County, Il and surrounding communities going to and from cancer treatments. Wiemers enjoys working with Stridin’ & Survivin’ because they are making a difference in cancer research and patient services.

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